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The Ranch

Located 1200 meters above sea level, it is the preferred climate to breed healthy, well adjusted cattle. Designed especially for the breeds of cattle that we are working with, it provides all the right conditions for the development of animals without the addition of grain supplements.

Los Reyes de Dota

Our animals have the benefit of year-round green, nutritious grass pastures with fresh, cool spring water that originates in the virgin jungle area of the land, and flows into a branch of the Naranjo River. The jungle has been involved in the "Clean Air Program" since before we acquired the land that has been in our family for over 80 years.

Los Reyes viewed from above

When we moved here from the United States, we brought along the best genetics we could find in order to breed meat and profit into a fine herd.

Starting off with Brahman (a completely different breed than the ones we deal with now) and after realizing that the climatic conditions favored another type of cattle and that the local market was already saturated with the aforementioned breed, we decided to make the change into European breeds. Now, starting again from scratch, we have built a solid framework that has already proved it's worth.

Now that we have a good start we are ready to share the results of the powerful matings that we've paired to enhance any herd, whether it's adding meat and fertility to a commercial herd, or pedigree and eye-appeal to future show prospects.

We are your first and last stop for quality 100% South African Fleckvieh or Polled Hereford genetics.